Hello, my name is Poul and I move people safely to their new homes
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Step 1.

We will meet where you need me.

We'll agree on 'when' before, so you have all the time you need, to pack your things.

Step 2.

I will help you load everything you need to bring to your new home.

If you have something you cannot fit in your new home just yet, I can safely store it for you 📦

Step 3.

We'll drive to your new home. I will come with your things, whenever you are ready to unpack.

If you want, you can hitch a ride with me too👋🏻

Step 4.

I will safely bring everything to your new home and let you enjoy your first moments with ease.

Step 5.

This is where I say goodbye and let you enjoy your new place.

I'll see you again, when you need my help.

Ready to move?

Write me a message about your needs.

I'm here to help you 💪🏼

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Who am I?

I'm helping people in the hard times

Hello, my name is Poul and I’m living in Denmark since 2010. I was always an active person and I needed a place, where I can use my energy.
That is why I decided to open PauFlyt - my moving company.

I’m a person who is not afraid to work, who likes to give the highest quality results and I love to meet new people! I am always ready for a new challenge so don't hesitate to contact me.

International Transportation

No place is too far for me

I have already made few amazing journeys, outside of Denmark. I have moved people to France, England, Holland and Norway.

The moving to Norway was definitely memorable -  and I have documented this trip, on my Facebook. It was truly scary awe-inspiring sometimes!

What cars do I use?

Me And My Fleet 🚚

I have two cars that fit any needs. I have large vans, that can fit a whole apartments at once. We can also attach a trailer, to transport any large or bulky furniture.

'Because life is too short, for a second trip!

Do I get an invoice for your services?

I am an official, registered moving company - but Poul sounds better

With me, you are getting exactly what you ask for. And, with an invoice.

I am a registered company with Danish CVR number, so I can make an invoice, you can use to fx. deduct taxes or get my services paid for, by your employer.

What's the craziest thing I ever moved?

I took an international moving trip to Norway, through the snowstorm

Not necessarily a thing, but a place where I was moving. It was not easy to prepare for what was ahead of me - icy roads, snow storms and gusts of wind that nearly shaked me off the road. But at the same time, a breathtaking views, amazing nature and most importantly, happy customers. ❤️

Are there any impossible things?

Lifting 16th century grand pianos is my free time hobby 🏋🏻

I will help you with packing and moving anything - even through narrow Danish staircases. There is no thing too large, not to be transported.

To get a price estimate, head to the 'Request Free Quote' button bellow, and we will figure out, how to move the impossible.

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Latest news 🚀

After many requests, I've started to provide storage solutions.

If there is anything you don't have a place for, I can help you

Let's Talk Storage